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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The World’s Cheapest Computer: OLPC XO-3

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OLPC (One Laptop computer Per Child) founder and chairman Nicholas Negroponte showed us a glimpse with the long term of this concept style recognized as XO-3 which is scheduled to become launched in 2012. It is a 3rd installment towards the sequence of XO’s released through the non revenue organization. The cost for this paper skinny computer? An ultra inexpensive price of $75! well, I just do hope they attain their cost objective this time.

Garmin Vector, Measuring Power of Your Foot

Garmin Vector, Measuring Power of Your Foot
The Garmin Vector is really a light-weight energy meter that’s integrated on a pedal. Not only it could offer accurate and reliable energy data, however it also measures the power stability of the cyclist’s correct and left legs. The data will be sent towards the Garmin Edge GPS or other suitable wireless receivers (so long as it is Garmin-made).
The Vector is portable, easy to make use of, and requires only minutes to set up. It’s a shame, however, that this gadget has a suggested price of $1,499. Garmin Vector is predicted to become available in March 2012.

2-Way Emergency Flashlight

2-Way Emergency Flashlight
A flashlight is something that can display the route forward and guide you along the way. But a regular flashlight has 1 problem. It throws rays of mild right in front of you in the path that you are strolling but doesn’t help you see exactly where you’re stepping. You may possess the street ahead lit up well for you but may nonetheless be most likely to stumble on something.
An easy and convenient way to walk in the dark has been found out by designer Junwon Yang. The Emergency Flashlight designed by Yang will show to be your best companion within the dark. It is no normal flashlight because it has the capability to light up the route prior to you also because the spot you are walking on. This two-way torch has lighting components on each stops which makes it various from all other sorts of torches.
Yang, like all of us, knows the problems that one needs to face when treading within the dark and the hazards it poses. Hazards can be each in the form of dangerous creatures and the issues lying on the way. To counter the risk of stumbling on objects he designed this Emergency Flashlight that will mild up both necessary areas. The mild supply in the back with the torch is angled at 45 degrees, an angle at which the light directly falls on every step you take. This provides you two fields of vision within the otherwise pitch black region.

Next Generation Washing Solution via Compact Ecopod

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It has been quite hot news that the global warming is going to take the charge of entire civilization and hence we need to take care of our mother earth as much as possible. The first step towards this comes in the form of using eco friendly and energy efficient gadgets like the latest and sensational compact ecopod. This very own device is specially built for the energy efficient and eco friendly washing and drying of the clothes. This device functions n the rules of damp and hot steam.
The technology on which this eco friendly washer and dryer is built is found to be very much advanced. The damp steam is used for washing purpose and the hot steam is directed for the drying part. The best feature of this devise is that it does not need a lot of attention and hence in is pretty good in today’s fast life. The function of ecopod is operated with the help of three major keys. The keys are good to use and easy to understand when it comes to the functional aspect of this compact ecopod.
There are various other features that can be enjoyed with this ecopod. Its time saving and energy efficient nature is pretty useful for all the people. Above all it is very cost effective as well. to conclude all we can say that the world has started moving towards the green lifestyle and the products like this eco friendly washer and dryer are proving to be the foundation stones.

New GoGear Muse 3 PMP From Phillips

New GoGear Muse 3 PMP From Phillips
Philips has introduce new GoGear Muse 3 their new Personal Music Player. The new GoGear Muse 3 sports smoother lines compared to previous model with rounded corners and a 3.2 touchscreen.
This new edition from the GoGear Muse now also includes a brand new equalizer known as the SoundPersonalisation, which enables you to regulate the sound of audio by just transferring your finger around the display in the unit with every single corner representing a sound enhancement: Powerful, Sparkling, Vocal and Warm.
The new GoGear Muse 3 comes supplied with noise isolation in-ear headphones, is fitted with an internal speaker and is available in two storage capacities of 8GB for  £110 and 16GB for around £140.

Awesome Concept Gadgets: E-Ball PC

Awesome Concept Gadgets E-Ball PC
E-Ball PC is ball like idea computer which by the way will be the smallest pc ever designed. It essentially has all of the functions of the traditional computer technologies less the dimension and excess weight. Created to sit on two stands which can be deployed by concurrently pressing two buttons on each aspect. This idea gadget doesn’t only possess a detachable mouse attached to its physique when not in use however it also sports activities a laser keyboard, a cool addition to its features. Images and show is projected to a wall or perhaps a sheet paper with a press of a button.
With a consumer pleasant interface along with a sylized icons that can be wasily remembered this cool idea gadget is perfect for generating video clip presentations, watching big screen films, chatting around the internet and listening to your preferred songs. It’ll certainly be an eye catcher within the workplace.

Sony Release New Walkman B Series MP3 Players

Sony Release New Walkman B Series MP3 Players
Sony added their MP3 Players with release Sony Walkman B Series. The Sony Walkman B Series MP3 gamers are available in a array of diverse colors, and you get a option of possibly a 2GB design which can be enough for about 470 songs or perhaps a 4GB model which is enough for about 980 songs.
The Sony Walkman B series features a battery everyday living of about 18 hours, and it supports a choice of formats like MP3 and WMA. These new MP3 gamers from Sony will go on sale in June 2011, you will discover no details on pricing as but.

Martin Jetpack Release on 2012

Martin Jetpack Release on 2012
Martin Jetpack will lastly be made available for public purchase. It originally debuted back again in 2008 and save for some small tweaks and adjustments, its design has remained exactly the same.
In order to allow it to be publicly obtainable, Glenn Martin’s jetpack had to become tailored about the FAA’s ultralight requirements, which imply that its speed was limited to a maximum of 63mph and its maximum flight time limited to a mere thirty minutes. The good news is that due to it becoming within the ultralight class, should you decide to get your hands around the jetpack, you will not be needed to possess a license of any type.
For those that forgot, the Martin jetpack is powered by a two-stroke, custom-designed gasoline engine spins a pair of ducted followers that generate thrust, and an completely electronic, fly-by-wire program, which changed the original cable-and-pulley steering system. A cellphone-sized flight-control unit (generally utilized in Predator UAVs) allows the jetpack to set bounds on pitch, roll and yaw, and in common assists to steady the flights.

Nintendo 3DS Spec, Price, Picture, and Information

CHIP Online Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Spec, Price, Picture, and Information
Introducing the Nintendo 3DS system. The incredible gameplay experience with real 3D graphics do not need special glasses. Nintendo 3DS is a breakthrough in portable entertainment, very high quality piece of hardware. It must be seen to be believed.
index Nintendo 3DS Spec, Price, Picture, and InformationNintendo 3DS system opens up a whole new world of gaming options eye-popping. The 3D stereoscopic view of the top screen for objects in the game world a sense of space and depth that extends far to the rear of the screen. It becomes easier to see the placement of characters and barriers in the world, making the gaming experience much more intuitive for all types of players.