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Friday, 23 September 2011

How to find ip address in orkut

Now here i going to describe how can you trace ip address in orkut
for this you have to send a .jpg file to your victime scrapbook
and anyone who visit your victime scrapbook his/her ip address is recoreded in backgroud
To trace ip address in orkut follow following procedure
find any free web hosting
which provide server log info means
free web hosting server which use Apache web server as OS and provide cgi scripting
my suggestion
which provde server log info go to above link and make an free web hosting account
now go to file managment and upload .jpg file there which you wann to send to victime's orkut scrapbook
after upload image go to your victime scrapbook and use following Html code to send .jpg file
if you .jpg url is http: // example.x10hosting. com/image.jpg
than send following code to your frinds scrapbook
< src = " http: // example.x10hosting. com/image.jpg">
now you have don
when your frind view his/her scrapbook that .jpg file which you send uploading from your free web hosting site and you get victime ip address to see it
just go to your x10hosting account click on visitor info in log section
now where you can see your victime ip address

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