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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Texas Central Railroad plans to connect Houston and Fort Worth with Bullet trains

Them good old trains rumbling down the rails through Texas could pretty much sport an upgrade soon, and a hefty one too! The ever ambitious Texas Central Railroad is now drawing up plans to unveil a full-fledged bullet-train by 2020 that’ll use up a good $10 billion funded privately. The train could connect Houston with Fort Worth, travelling at a nerve-wrecking eye-popping 205 miles per hour. With this, the trip is expected to complete in just 90 minutes! Also, this serves as a low-cost alternative to flying, covering the 260-mile route between the two cities as quickly as possible. Also, given that most of the route cuts through rural areas, development costs are comparatively low and as per reports, the move could substantially benefit commuters between the two cities.

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