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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Acoustic Barcodes Are The Audio QR Codes Of The Future

A new technology has been created called Acoustic Barcodes which consist of a pattern of physical notches on an object that when swiped with a finger nail, or the edge of the smartphone, created a complex sounds that can then be converted by a smartphone or similar device into a binary ID.
The Acoustic Barcodes work in a similar way to the popular QR codes, but use audio rather than just images. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the new Acoustic Barcodes and way they could possibly work with smartphone devices and everyday objects.
Acoustic Barcodes
The creators of Acoustic Barcodes explain : “A single, inexpensive contact microphone attached to a surface or object is used to capture the waveform. We present our method for decoding sounds into IDs, which handles variations in swipe velocity and other factors. Acoustic Barcodes could be used for information retrieval or to triggering interactive functions. They are passive, durable and inexpensive to produce. Further, they can be applied to a wide range of materials and objects, including plastic, wood, glass and stone. We conclude with several example applications that highlight the utility of our approach, and a user study that explores its feasibility.”
Acoustic Barcodes are currently just a concept at the moment, but the idea could very well make the jump to mainstream uses very soon. As always we will keep you updated with progress as more information becomes available. To learn more about the Acoustic Barcodes jump over to the Chris Harrison website.

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