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Friday, 18 January 2013

Stargate Wedding Ring

I love sci-fi, but I just never understood all of the hype about the Stargate franchise. I’m more a Star Trek or Babylon 5 kind of guy. Sure, it’s ok. I don’t think it’s great sci-fi. (No throwing stuff at me.) That’s probably why I wasn’t invited to any Stargate themed weddings.

stargate ring
The Chapa’ai ring you see here was conceived by Seattle-based company Wedding Band Designs. The coolest feature is that the inner ring spins like a real stargate, without the need for visual effects. If you still have Flash running on your computer, you can even check it out in action below:
It’s made from 14K white gold with the chevrons made from 18K yellow gold. The Chapa’ai ring is available as a custom piece only, and you’ll need to contact Wedding Band Designs for a price quote.
It’s an appropriate ring for marriage since you are certainly stepping into a strange new world.

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