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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One way of Cheating in an Exam


Since exams have ever existed, people have always wanted to find a way to get the answers (or in other words, cheat). Strict rules are generally put in place to prevent this from happening. The latest however, might not have been expected. A while back I wrote about the M500 watch which is a regular watch but with a cell phone built in. A watch the same, or similar, had been receiving SMS messages through the exam and the teacher spotted it. The kid must have been crazy though as he was playing with his watch throughout the exam.
This has now resulted in a ban across Thailand of people wearing watches in to exams. You can imagine cell phones being built in to other objects in the future such as glasses, pens and other various items you bring to class. Maybe it's time to start looking at blocking cell phone signals while people are in class although that it's self would raise a few human rights eye brows.

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