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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

X-mini Capsule Speaker

That MP3 player you got for Christmas is awesome, but when you hit the play button, nothing comes out. Why? It doesn’t have a speaker, that’s why! Manufacturers cram so much into those tiny gadgets, any speaker that would fit in there would, frankly, sound like crap.
Our simian sound scientists are smart monkeys. They figured out a way to create rich deep bass in a speaker no bigger than a hens egg! When we asked them how it’s done, they just glared at us with those dark great-ape eyes and told us it was one of those trade-secret things. Weird.
The sound is incredible! Rich and loud and strong, this little speaker surprises everyone with how big it sounds. It’s portable and rechargeable via USB, so you can take it anywhere you might need a big boost of sound.
Just pop open the capsule and extend the speaker – this opens the resonance chamber, increasing the bass response even higher. Plus, at a full-charge, it can run for nearly 8 hours! It’s electric awesome in the palm of your hand. 

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