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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Samsung Reveal Bendy Transparent Dream

Samsung have recently unveiled an advert for a product that does not yet exist, with the aim of the project supposedly to show potential users what could be produced in the not-too-distant future, should tablet computer technology develop further.
The video displays a Samsung tablet computer that utilises the company’s AMOLED ‘bendable’ touchscreen, on a transparent device which seems to be both extendable and flexible in its physical nature, while the technical side of this ‘dream product’ would allow for glasses-free 3D video content viewing, live language translation, multi-user video chat, and what seems to be a scanning technology capable of providing a holographic image of the phrase it has just read, amongst other features
The device would also appear to be ultra-thin, with the only downside being that a near see-through device would be easy to lose, although the South Korean technology giant would probably have an easy solution to that relatively minor developmental issue on a product that would have the capability to display 3D or holographic video content.
It is no surprise that Samsung want to promote the potential of their flexible screen technology, after previously announcing a possible 2012 release for a smartphone in the style, and said to be researching a number of potential products that could use the innovative approach to a touchscreen.
The video of Samsung’s future vision can be seen below, but how many years will it be before this kind of product becomes a reality?

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