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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sony unveils a new gadget, Rolly music player

Sony has unveiled a new gadget which will amaze its viewers. The new gadget is fromJapan, it is called Sony Rolly.  If you observe carefully Sony’s new model gadget is a music player which is shaped like an egg. Rolly, though a music player can flap and rotate its robotic wings, gyrate across the floor and spin up a storm amidst a neon show of green and blue lighting.
This new music player can receive music streamed through a Bluetooth connection. And another thing which will amaze its viewers about this new product is, Rolly can analyze music and come up with the dance moves. Also we can program the Rolly’s moves.
The music player has 1GB of internal memory, stereo speakers and a five hour battery life.
Rolly sony music player, gadgetThe sale of this new product may commence from September 29th. It may cost up to 353 US dollars.

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